Monday, October 10, 2016

Personal update: status of blog

Currently I am pursuing a degree in electrical and computer engineering, with a minor in philosophy. This means that I am busy as fuck and don't have nearly as much down time as I would prefer. This is a good thing and a bad thing: a good thing because it staves off existential panic and anxiety in general, and a bad thing because it means I can't focus on much of my own personal interests, including philosophy (outside of classwork).

Given this, future updates will likely be inconsistent, not because I'm out of material to write but because I just don't have the time or energy to think about anything outside of classwork. In any rate, the intention of this blog is to put my own thoughts on issues down; not to entertain, but rather to stimulate discussion and solidify my own understanding of these issues.

Despite the lack of time and energy, I do have some tentative plans for future philosophical topics on this blog, such as

  • Defenses of certain meta-ethical positions (to be determined)
  • Metaphysical, ethical, and practical aspects of the artificial intelligence discipline
  • Meta-philosophical analysis of intuitions, such as their ontology and epistemic value
  • Selective metaphysical questions, such as:
    • The problem of universals, and a thorough dismissal of nominalism as incoherent or irrevocably awkward
    • Causation, and a defense of Aristotelian hylomorphic theory (and the theological implications of such)
    • Series on various philosophy of mind positions
  • Practical, Sidgwickean-compromising antinatalism
I am also going to either delete many of my previous posts, or sort them into a "historic" folder by themselves, because I no longer accept what is written in them. Many of the initial entries are cringe-worthingly amateur and reactionary and I don't want them to reflect the current status of my own beliefs.

Additionally, as the above list shows, I am going to try to focus on some topics outside of the antinatalist and pessimist literature. This includes my obsessive episodic posts regarding the asymmetry of David Benatar, whom I respect and admire yet disagree with on a purely formal, but not conclusive, manner. For some reason, Benatar's asymmetry is simultaneously intuitive and unintuitive, and my own efforts to explain why have succeeded in some places but as a whole, failed. It is not healthy for me to devote as much time as I have on these fringe topics, no matter how strong my beliefs are. At some point, I guess, you just have to hang up the coat for a while to let it dry, and come back later with a fresh perspective and attitude. 

I have also considered perhaps creating a YouTube channel and joining the conversation there, although I'm not quite committed to this idea. In my experience, YouTube tends to be an armpit of the internet, more focused on comparing dick sizes than substantial debates, especially within the antinatalist community that resides there. I'm not sure how much I have actually gained by watching the more popular antinatalist's videos. I've already had poor experiences with others in the blogsphere; I don't know if I want to extend this to YouTube. The last thing I want is to get embroiled in some ad hominem chauvinistic pissing contest and leave with a sour taste in my mouth.

I guess that's it.


  1. D,

    "I am also going to either delete many of my previous posts because I no longer accept what is written in them.

    Ok but do you still agree with this? I like what you wrote here.

    "So basically if you really don't want to give a fuck, you'll learn to not take your life so seriously and live in the moment, knowing that at any moment you could be thrown into a 180 and start taking seriously the idea of killing yourself. Always keep the possibility of suicide in the back of your mind to ground your decisions, etc. Soon you'll learn to enjoy what you do have and not worry about losing it, since if you do lose it all you can always kill yourself. You'll also realize that death is not something to worry about or fear, since once you're dead you won't know what you're missing and you might even be avoiding a lot of really shitty experiences. Pretty simple, really.

    1. Amanda -

      For the most part, I still agree with what you quoted. Although I will say that it's probably easier to say than do. At the very least, it keeps you grounded in reality, as contemplation of death tends to do, both in a disturbing and reassuring way.

  2. D,

    Ok thanks.

    Any thoughts on this news item today?

    Dutch may allow assisted suicide for those who feel life is over

    The Dutch government intends to draft a law that would legalize assisted suicide for people who feel they have "completed life," but are not necessarily terminally ill, it said on Wednesday.

    Read here.