Friday, July 15, 2016

Scarcity and Fatigue

Elsewhere I have talked about how I think Scarcity and Fatigue are fundamental aspects of reality.

Scarcity is the motivating force behind action. There is a scarcity of spatio-temporal location: distinct entities cannot occupy the same location at the same time and compete for location. There is a scarcity of food in the ecosystem: organisms must either dominate each other for food or learn to co-operate and dominate as a group for food. There is a scarcity of natural resources on the planet, contributing to political and economic crisis as well as ecological strife.

Fatigue is the inevitable end-process of any motivated action. Part of the nature of Scarcity is finite quantity, and quantity is used up over time. The Sun cannot sustain itself indefinitely - eventually the Sun will collapse from its own mass. The Sun "Fatigues". An animal cannot live forever - it will Fatigue and die. Our attention eventually loses focus and Fatigues. In the more scientific sense, we would call this Entropy. In the phenomenal sense, we would call this Fatigue.

Thus, Scarcity and Fatigue are two sides of the same coin. Scarcity leads to action which leads to Fatigue. All action is formulated from various degrees of dissatisfaction, whether this be a fairly benign desire or a severe need. If Abundance and Energy were the aspects of reality, then no action would occur, because nothing would need anything.

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