Monday, July 11, 2016

Kind of an off-topic post...

I usually would not post something like this, since I don't want to use my blog as some kind of personal journal about every event of my life ("Today I went to the store..." "Today I talked to Tracy"... "Today I got a headache"...blahblahblah) - it's supposed to be dedicated to two aspects of my life, philosophy and anxiety.

But I'll make an exception to this. Holy hell, does anyone else watch Mr Robot? I fucking love that show, and season 2 just started. If there's a reason to live, goddammit it's this show. It's a psychological thriller that utilizes legit technological concepts and is inspired by various previous installments in the genre, particularly Fight Club. What's even better is that it's extremely pessimistic and nihilistic, but manages to pull it off without being a teenage edgelord's wet dream.

I love the choice of music in the recent episode. It's one of my favorite songs: I MONSTER- Daydreaming In Blue:

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