Sunday, June 19, 2016

Being smart and an asshole still makes you an asshole

And being an asshole doesn't mean you're smart - it just means you're an asshole.

This isn't going to be a philosophical post. Just a vent.

There is nothing that I hate more than a smart-ass. You know the type: the one with an obscene confidence in their views, the smug smile in light of their cheap victory, and the dismissive and pretentious "holier than thou" attitude. The one who preaches open-ended discussion but nevertheless rolls their eyes when you try to argue your point.

I don't claim to be able to read minds but I suspect the source of smart-assery is a need for recognition (insecurity), a deep and pervasive anger, and a bigoted intolerance masked as acceptance. Oddly enough the smart-ass tends to ends up just being an ass and isn't very smart.

You know who fits this description well? Donald Trump. Richard Dawkins. Radical Christian evangelicals and teenagers who just got done reading their first apologetics book. Etc.

There is no excuse for being a smart-ass. Nobody likes when you act like it. Nobody is impressed by your finesse and aggression. Nobody cares. 

You know what people do care for? Genuine understanding. Compassion. Empathy. A willingness to relate. Humbleness (it's not not-humble to say you are humble unless you are proud of the fact and advertising this virtue to others). The willingness to compromise. Adherence to the principle of charity. BASIC KINDNESS.


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